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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Some items of interest;

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GB 1934 Re-engraved 2/6d Seahorse
Fine used, registered cds

Scott 222 - SG450

Price: £5.00

GB 1937 Dark Colours Inverted Watermark Set
Fine used

Scott 235/239 - SG462i/466i

Price: £6.99

Nigeria 1953 Elizabeth II 4d Marginal Block of 4
Mint hinged, without faults

Scott 85 - SG74

Price: €3.95

Dominica 1954 Elizabeth II 10c
Mint hinged with very good gum

Scott 159 - SG150

Price: €2.15

Papua New Guinea 1991 Sports Set
Mint never hinged, without faults

Scott 771/774

Price: $5.95

Tonga 1950 Queen Salote's Birthday
Fine used, cds

Scott 91/93 - SG92/94
Price: $3.50

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