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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Some items of interest;

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GB 1990 StampWorld '90 Britannia Miniature Sheet
Mint never hinged

Scott 1296a - SG MS1501

Price: £2.50

Bahamas 1920 George V 1/2d 1d Definitives
Mint hinged

Scott 65/66 - SG106/107

Price: £2.25

GB 1924 Block Cypher 1.1/2d with Booklet Label
Fine used

Scott 189 - SG420

Price: €7.00

Hong Kong 1882 Crown Ca 4c
Mint hinged

Scott 38 - SG34

Price: €9.50

GB 1941 Light Colours Sideways Watermark Set
Mint never hinged

Scott 259a, 261a/262a - SG486a, 288a/289a

Price: $19.95

South Africa 1913 George V 2/6d
Mint hinged

Scott 13 - SG14

Price: $27.50

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